Goin’ Fishin’

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I haven’t updated in a while – however I have plenty to include in my next post. Until then, I will leave you with this picture of the giant fish I caught last Saturday. Be amazed.


Got My New Shoes On

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I did not make him do this. Promise.

Ever see something so odd…

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that it just makes you smile?

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It’s Been A While

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Wild and Wonderful Indeed

Sorry. I know it’s been a while since I had anything to post. This weekend Ben & I traveled down to Winfield, West Virginia (“the home of champions”) for our friends’ wedding. We were looking forward to our grand plan of making separate playlists for the trip down and back. We each got to pick our own music selections and surprised the other with our choices. We hardly talked at all during the whole 6 hours of driving time but it was fun to enjoy the music/drive together. West Virginia is a beautiful place.

Today Audrey, Alisa, and Becky came to visit and we had a wonderful time catching up. We had delicious pizza, even MORE delicious banana foster, and enjoyed a couple of rounds of Euchre. We’re currently at a 1/1 tie so we’re destined to get together soon to finish things off. They are beautiful ladies who always brighten my day! How can one person be so blessed to have so many wonderful people in their life? If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people. (Unless you are stalking me and I do not know you. Then…you’re just a creepy creepster.) 🙂

Reminder that I am not tan.

Reminder that I am not tan.

Quick Pic 4.6.10

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I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather this afternoon as I ate strawberries in our backyard. I turned around only to find this:

I spy with my little eye, a little eye spying on me!

He is Risen!

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We had the pleasure of spending this Easter with my parents in G-wich. All but Ryan & Shell (and Nika) were there! Saturday we took Wesley to the Leber’s farm to see bunnies and other various farm animals. He liked the baby chicks the best. Wesley and Anna had a lot of fun opening their Easter baskets (which we never had as kids). Erin had a good idea of making a trail of raisins that lead to Wesley’s basket. He had to follow the Easter Bunny’s “droppings” until he found what was awaiting him at the end. He was very upset that the Easter bunny pooped on the floor. He said, “Someone pooped here!” and then followed with, “No poop on the floor Easter Bunny! You poop on the potty!” It was rather hysterical. I hope Erin got it on video. If so, I’ll link to her site so you can experience for yourself. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (and enjoyed a chocolate bunny or two)!

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Fanfarlo – In Concert

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They had the best outfits, too.

Last Thursday night, Ben & I attended the Fanfarlo concert in downtown Columbus. Ben surprised me with the tickets and I was ecstatic. (They are originally from the UK and I had no idea they’d be touring the US.)

The venue was odd to say the least. The decor ranged from chrome to palm trees and discombobulated manikins. It told Ben it felt like a bad dream that didn’t make any sense.

The concert wasn’t supposed to start until 8:00PM (doors opened at 7) so we got there at 6:45 to beat the “rush”. By the time 8:00 rolled around, about 13 people were there. So much for a big crowd! What we didn’t know was that two other bands (Robert Francis and Lawrence of Arabia) were opening for the group, and by the time Fanfarlo actually played, the house was packed. We had a front row center view and the show was great. I regret not bringing my camera because we were actually allowed to bring them in the venue. I could’ve got some AWESOME shots. Instead I got these crappy ones on my phone. Their music is definitely worth a listen and I’d highly recommend seeing them perform live if possible! I’d go into a lot more detail, but at this point I’m tired and want to enjoy the rest of my Easter Sunday. 🙂

Listen to them and let me know what you think!